PAST EVENT: The Fishing fields: Sustainable aquaculture development strategies for the Commonwealth

24 July 2020

Global aquaculture production continues to grow rapidly, helping several Commonwealth countries to increase their fish production despite static or falling catches of wild fish.

However, performance varies widely and many countries, despite committing significant resources, have struggled to build productive aquaculture industries, while many questions continue to be asked about the sustainability of aquaculture practices.

This webinar will examine four case studies that could offer scalable solutions –

  • Cyprus, where a development framework for aquaculture development helped the growth of marine finfish industry.
  • Seychelles, where sustainable aquaculture development is prioritised in the Blue Economy Strategic Framework and Roadmap.
  • Mozambique, where a commercial fish farm highlights the importance of community engagement.
  • Egypt, where fish farmers upgraded their farming practices to stay competitive and improve the sustainability of the sector.


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The webinar is part of a wider series of virtual events that promote collaboration through the sharing of experiences, best practices and solutions on ocean issues. They also offer the opportunity to reflect on how to move forward with ocean management in a post-COVID-19 world.

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