PAST EVENT: World Oceans Day – Mapping the Commonwealth one coral reef at a time

01 June 2020

The Commonwealth is organising an interactive virtual event on 8 June to mark World Oceans Day.

The event will highlight the work of three Commonwealth Blue Charter Action Groups on:

  • Ocean and climate change
  • Coral reef protection and restoration
  • Mangrove ecosystems and livelihoods

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Commonwealth Blue Charter

The Commonwealth Blue Charter is a commitment by all 54 member countries to actively cooperate to solve pressing ocean challenges and meet global commitments for sustainable ocean development. The Blue Charter is implemented by 10 action groups, led by 13 champion countries.

Partnering for coral reefs

The virtual event will also present the strategic partnership between the Commonwealth Secretariat and Vulcan to support critical decision-making to sustain, protect and restore coral reefs across the Commonwealth.

A new tool will help countries map, monitor and manage coral reefs, using satellite data and analysis provided through an interactive coral reef map to be hosted on the Commonwealth Innovation Hub.

The event will additionally premier a new short video about the Commonwealth Blue Charter.


For media enquiries, contact:

Josephine Latu-Sanft
Senior Communications Officer
[email protected]
+44 20 7747 6476

Download The Commonwealth Blue Charter

The Commonwealth Blue Charter – Shared Values, Shared Ocean. A Commonwealth commitment to work together to protect and manage our ocean.